BC322 Skull&Bones is Punk Rock Fashion Store in Secondlife. BC322 not dead!!


BC322 New Hair A-TUP

*BC322 A-TUP

Hair : *BC322 A-TUP BlondexBlack
Pants : *BC322 Black Slim
Boots : *BC322 Work Boots Dr.Murders
Belt : *BC322 Ring Belt & Bandolier
Tattoo : +radicalism+ "2nd Explosion !! " HIGH & LOW TAN

*BC322 A-TUP Red
*BC322 A-TUP Blood
*BC322 A-TUP Brown
*BC322 A-TUP Choco

*BC322 A-TUP Silver
*BC322 A-TUP Golden
*BC322 A-TUP Blonde

*BC322 A-TUP BlondexRed
*BC322 A-TUP BlondexBlue
*BC322 A-TUP BlondexBlack
*BC322 A-TUP BlondexPink

Size change


Hair : *BC322 A-TUP BlondexRed
Pants : *BC322 Vintagedenim XX3
Boots : *BC322 Work Boots Dr.Murders
Belt : *BC322 Bandolier A
Tattoo : +radicalism+ "Explosion!!!"HIGH & LOW TAN
BC322 Main shop


BC322 New Belt!!

1, *BC322 Corn studs belt & Ring belt

Corn studs belt single include

2, *BC322 Corn studs belt & Bandolier

Silver type &Bandolier single silver bullet type include

3,*BC322 Ring belt & Bandolier

Silver type & Ring belt single include

Hair : BC322 Yoi-yume+(Black)
Pierce : *BC322 Thornball&Punkskull Pierce
Denim : *BC322 Black Slim
Jacket : +grasp+/Leather Jacket /Womens
Tattoo : +radicalism+"TAPE"


BC322 Hair Yoi-yume

*BC322 Yoi-yume

BC322 Yoi-yume+(Silver)

BC322 Yoi-yume+(Black)

BC322 Yoi-yume+(Light blond)

BC322 Yoi-yume+R(RED)

BC322 Yoi-yume+R(Umber)

Size change
Normal+with Bow type include


*BC322 New Belt

New Releases!!
1,*BC322 Corn studs belt & Ring belt

Size change

Corn studs belt single include!!

2,*BC322 corn studs belt & Bandolier

Size change

Silver type include & Bandolier single silver bullet type include!!

3,*BC322 Ring Belt & Bandlier

Size change

Silver type include & Ring belt single include!!

BC322 Main shop


New! BC322 Butterfly knife

New Releases!!

*BC322 Butterfly knife

Knife trick typing action!!

Attack script not include


*BC322 Switchblade knife

Attack script not include


BC322 Main shop

BC322 Xstreet


BC322 Hair "13cherry pony"

New Hair Releases!!

13cherry pony

Size Change

Ribbon Color Change (4color)

Hair 5 Color/each 150L$

*BC322 13cherry pony(Umber)

*BC322 13cherry pony(BLONDE)

*BC322 13cherry pony(SILVER)

*BC322 13cherry pony(D.RED)

*BC322 13cherry pony(BLACK)

New Lucky Letter & New Group Gift

BC322 Skull&Bones

BC322 Xstreet

BC322 Group gift&LB&New Item

BC322 Group gift Bouquet
Group active"BC322"

BC322 Lucky letter(Yoi-Yume+pink)

BC322 Yoi-Yume+
1color 150L$(5color500L$)
Normal+with Ribbon

BC322 Main Shop


Gate of Psychommunity 2010


2 Color
Light Pink
Red Pink

Size Change

each 100L$

GOP Limited FREE

Hair : *BC322-hide-Redpink (GOP Limited)100L$
Ring : *BC322 Gray Glass Eye Ring (GOP Limited FREE)
Glasses : K_gs Lemoned GOP Limited
Jacket : +KiiToS!! Sinilintu+ Nylon/Mountain Parka *Green/Brass*

Necklace : *BC322 Screaming Skull Necklace Vendor (GOP Limited REE)
Jacket : *Muism* [Leather Bomber Jacket]_Dark Brown/Beige

BC322 @ Gate of Psychommunity

BC322 Main Shop

BC322 Xstreet